Two venturesome female singer-songwriters, Kim Hill and Paulette Wooten, are making the kind of music they want to sing, play and listen to at night while hosting friends at the retreat property they manage in the mountains of North Carolina.  Not bound to a genre, they are a ‘living jukebox’ singing both covers and originals. Separately, they have both enjoyed success in their music careers – Kim as a veteran celebrated recording artist and Paulette as an award winning composer, musician, electronic artist and songwriter.

In 2015, both experienced life changes which caused them to consider their journeys from a new perspective and think about the second half of life.  Kim, a new empty nester, wanted to strengthen her wings in fresh ways and develop the next horizon of life. After Paulette lost her mom to cancer, she gained a renewed awareness of how short life can be, cultivating a passion to make each minute count. While they had worked together, singing as a duo had never occurred to them, partly because Kim is a self described “obnoxious lead singer” who doesn’t hear the harmony part. Ask them to tell you the funny stories! During a co-write with legend Brent Maher, he suggested they sing together from the top. What happened felt like magic. In the end, the faucet was turned on and the flow hasn’t stopped. Kim and Paulette began writing and arranging covers and originals, as well as recorded a collection of songs in hopes that they could put together an album. As we all know too well, life happens and their immediate plans were pushed to the back burner for other ventures. Finally, Wooten Hill is back, focusing on new works and planning to release a new batch of songs recorded at their new studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

listen now.